24/10/2015: Driving Snakes

Category : Creative Year
Date : 23rd December 2015

Another short story based on Rory’s Story cubes, this time with the following suggestions:

  • L Plate
  • Match burning a piece of paper
  • Snake

There was one thing that Sid always dreamed of doing, and that was to learn to drive. Ever since he was a child his greatest desire was to have the freedom to drive around the world exploring. Unfortunately, Sid was a snake and didn’t have the appropriate limbs to be able to physically control a car. All he could do was own a paper L plate, which he did. So instead, he went to university to study engineering. Eventually, after many many years of studying, he emerged with a Phd and a prototype vehicle. This vehicle, the first of its kind, could allow a snake to drive. It looked like a normal car, but instead of the usual driver’s seat and steering wheel (as well as all the paraphernalia which comes with steering wheels), there was a long tube, with hundreds of wires coming off of it. In order to drive, Sid could slither inside the tube and then flex his muscles along his body to control the car. It was a revelation in car design. Other snakes hailed it as the greatest breakthrough since canned mouse vending machines. Not only could Sid realise his dream, but this now meant that all snakes could drive – and even get a driving licence. As soon as Sid received his licence he lit a match and burnt his L plate. Then, he drove around the world exploring, and lived happily ever after.

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