25/10/2015: The Squidville Mystery

Category : Creative Year
Date : 23rd December 2015

A final short story, using the same method:

  • Lightbulb
  • Someone crying because they’ve hurt their thumb
  • Octopus

Oliver the greatest octopus detective was squelching along a typical Squidville pavement one afternoon when, out of the corner of his ear, he detected a strange noise. First there was a small crash, followed by a tinkle of glass, concluding with the sound of someone crying. He continued down the street, and turned the corner, only to be confronted with a dark alleyway – an unusual sight in the middle of the day in Squidville. The crying was coming from the other end of the alley. Oliver took out his standard issue squirt-gun and proceeded slowly into the gloom. The crying got louder and louder until suddenly there was a loud crash – a catfish leaped out from behind a bin and scurried away. Composing himself, Oliver continued until he reached the end. He turned another corner where he saw the source of the crying. It was a young rainbow trout who had been trying to change a lightbulb, but it broke when he was taking out the old bulb, cutting his thumb. Immediately, Oliver’s training burst into action. With one tentacle he removed the old bulb, with another he put in a new one. At the same time, a third tentacle helped up the rainbow trout and consoled him, and a fourth tentacle brought out a lovely seaweed flavoured lollipop for the trout. This made the little rainbow trout feel better and lived happily ever after. Oliver went back to the pavement, ready to solve more of Squidville’s greatest fish mysteries.

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