Jonathan Broder is a multidisciplinary creative, as he works across many different artistic mediums (including art, film, graphic design, music, photography, and writing).

Jonathan graduated from Kingston University with a BMus Music (Honours) in 2010 and an MMus in Electroacoustic Composition in 2011. He is currently working towards a DMus in Multimedia Composition at the University of West London, where he is exploring new compositional ideas over six multidisciplinary pairings (Music and Video, Art, Space, Food, Dance, and the Spoken Word).

As a composer, Jonathan writes in a number of different styles (particularly minimalist, serialist and experimental) using electronic, acoustic and electroacoustic methods for various different ensemble groups (including saxophone quartet, wind band and Javanese gamelan) and soloists. This includes both vocal and non-vocal music. Jonathan primarily uses Sibelius and Logic to compose.


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