Happy New Year. Finally.

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Date : 4th January 2015

Happy New Year everyone!

I hope you have all had a good Christmas, and all recovered from the traditional consumption of mountains of food. Livers all fully recovered after New Year’s Eve parties? Still keeping your New Year’s resolutions? Well, however your Christmas and New Year was, I hope you have a very good 2015.

As you’ve probably discovered by now, if you are reading this blog, that this year I have started on a new project, which is to create something new every day for a year. More about this can be read here. So far this year, this is what I’ve created:

01/01/2015: Abstract Kitchen (an abstract photograph)

02/01/2015: Soundscape No. 1 (an electronic soundscape made from two photographs)

03/01/2015: Magic Wands and Alsatians (a silly story)

In addition to that project, I have also decided to start a blog, which you are currently reading. I’ve tried to start blogs in the past, but it’s never lasted more than one post. This year I am determined to change my track record. Hopefully I’ll bring out one of these every weekend (possibly every Sunday since this is coming out on a Sunday).

But what will I write about, I don’t hear you ask? Well, anything really. It could be sharing something good I’ve found online, something good that I’ve seen in real life, or it might just turn into a mad rant as a way of venting my annoyance at the world.

I won’t waste too much more of your time, but I will say that I have two or three big projects I’m hoping to get off the ground this year, as well as finally getting my website fully up-to-date with all my previous work (so I can finally take down the annoying UPDATE message from the front page).

I must stop this blog entry now as I must go and create my new thing for today.

Happy New Year to you all,

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